Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ResidentPortal and how do I access it?

With this portal, you can make online rent payments, submit your own work orders, view your lease, update your contact information, message the office and so much more! You can access the ResidentPortal via your properties website by clicking Residents and logging in or you can download the ResidentPortal App on your smartphone!

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Will my previous rental history be considered?

​​Previous payment history will be reviewed, and negative rental history will not be accepted. Negative rental history is described as, but not limited to, any damages owed, rental related debt as described above, delinquent rental payments, or evictions filed within the past (5) five years. Rental references are considered unverifiable if after three business days, your reference has not returned communication. Family members will not be considered landlords for the purpose of completing a rental reference.

What are the employment guidelines?

​​Prospective residents must have (1) verifiable employment in this country, or (2) verifiable source of income.

Who must complete an application?

​​All individuals 18 years of age or older who will reside at the property must complete a separate application and upon approval, will be required to sign the lease agreement. Missing or incomplete information will delay or prevent verification and will result in the denial of your application.

What is the maximum # of occupants in an apartment?

​Maximum of two (2) persons per bedroom plus one (1) per apartment home, unless otherwise mandated by state or local government law/accordance. Efficiency and Studio apartments are considered one (1) bedroom for occupancy purposes. One Bedroom: Three (3) Persons Two Bedroom: Five (5) Persons Three Bedroom: Seven (7) Persons Four Bedroom: Nine (9) Persons

What types of identification are accepted?

​​All applicants with SSN must have a valid state-issued photo I.D. Applicants without an SSN must provide valid passport. Identity verification may be performed by CheckPointID.

What are the income guidelines?

​Total Gross Monthly Income (G.M.I.) must be equal to or greater than two and one-half (2.5) times the amount of the monthly market rental rate of the apartment to be leased. Gross Annual Income (G.A.I.) is calculated at 34.2 times the market rental rate. All income must be legal, verifiable in writing, and paid directly to the applicant. *Acceptable forms of income verification include, but are not limited to, the following:
​W2 EMPLOYEES Must Provide at MINIMUM two (2) of the Following:*
30 Days of Most Recent Paystubs or Military LES (entire paystub visible including name, YTD earnings, etc.) 
Current Tax Year W2 (only if still employed by same employer) 
Bank Statements for minimum 2 most recent months showing direct deposits (other transactions can be excluded from statement)
Offer of Employment/Income Letter
Verification of Employment completed by management company to employer. Employment Verification will be considered unverifiable if after three business days, your employer has not returned our communication.
SELF-EMPLOYED Must Provide All of the Following:
Last Filed IRS 1040 and Schedule C (Profit and Loss)
Bank statements for 6 (six) most recent months 
CPA prepared and signed Profit and Loss Statement if tax filing has not occurred for current tax year
Child Support, Alimony, or other Court Ordered Income – provide court documents and bank statements
Retirement Stipend, Annuity, Trust – provide disbursement statements and bank statements
SSI, Disability – provide statement from Social Security Administration and bank statements showing direct deposit
Student Financial Aid – provide award statement and institution transaction ledger (showing tuition and fees) – only excess refund will be considered as income

​*Documents listed are not all-inclusive and do not guarantee application approval. Additional verification may be required including, but not limited to: employer verification, tax or business accountant verification, IRS verification, and other public records search

What if I do not have a social security card?

​Applicants who do not have a SSN must provide (1) a passport; (2) the INS, DHS, or DOS (Visa) document that entitles the applicant to be in the United States and (3) proof of employment in this country or an I-20 verifying student status and proof of enrollment. Applicant will be required to provide proof of INS, DHS, and DOS (Visa) documents, passport, and employment/student verification documents through the online application portal. An additional deposit or non-refundable fee equal to one (1) month of rent will be required if application is approved. Applicants without SSN are still required to meet all other screening and occupancy criteria in addition to providing the required documentation outlined in lieu of credit history requirements. Failure to meet the selection criteria will result in application denial.

What credit requirements do you have?

​Each prospective resident should have verifiable credit accounts in good standing. This community uses a third-party agency which provides a proprietary index score that incorporates multiple credit and non-credit factors, such as payment history, ratio of positive to negative tradelines, ratio of rent to income, ratio of debt to income, collections, etc. Scores below 50 may result in conditional approval requirements or application denial. Bankruptcy filings within the last five (5) years will result in immediate denial; in addition to any bankruptcies greater than this time period that still remain open. Other bankruptcy history or negative credit history factors, such as types of collections accounts, may also result in application denial or conditional approval.

Will there be a criminal history check?

​A criminal history check will be done on all applicants and guarantors over the age of 18. Criminal convictions will be reviewed and approved at the sole discretion of management. Applicants will be denied for felony convictions involving crimes against persons or drug related offenses. Misdemeanors for crimes against persons or drug related offenses may result in application denial, as well. Please note that this requirement does not constitute a guarantee or representation that current or future residents or occupants of the Property have not been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor. There may be residents and occupants that have resided at the Property prior to this requirement going into effect. Additionally, our ability to verify this information is limited to the information made available to us by the credit reporting system.